The Luxury of Time By Way of Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture started creating nautical high-end chronometers in Neuchatel, Switzerland sixty years ago, and constantly since, challenges that have presented exciting opportunities have been explored by them. Their Marine chronometers are believed several of the watches that were most precise plus they have been required by luxury collectors around the globe. It has been thanks to exploring and capturing challenges that Ulysse Nardin resulted in achieving some innovations that are especial in horology. Inventions, imagination science and progress in the most recent in tech and artisanship, all have joined together to steer the brand name forward.

The brand continues to be in the more than capable hands of Rolf W Schnyder who took the company from the look of the era with thanks to the expertise and the steerage of Dr Ludwig Oechslin.

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Oechslin amazed Schnyder using a wall clock astrolabe he’d assembled in the Vatican museum via the renovation of the Farnesian clock. At the demand of Schnyder, Oechslin went on to shrink the astrolabe to fit in a luxury timepiece. This saw the delivery of the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, this was the very first model in Oechslin’s series, “Trilogy of Time”. This show found the watchmaker enter back in the limelight and his name etched in the renowned, Guinness Book of Records.

This is the moment when Schnyder understood without reservation this was something really unique.

The high-end sets of Ulysse Nardin, produced of out of superiority, are testaments of mechanised high tec of luxurious. The company revealed equilibrium in quality, which resulted in various awards for their watchmaking. “Revolution” magazine honoured Ulysse Nardin, when they presented the business with the high end “New Technology” award for “InnoVision”, a watch that dramatically showcases the ground breaking use of silicium, united with 10 technical feats. The appealing Innovision came about by means of the FREAK, this is considered by some to be one of the most creative of watches ever to be created and it turned out to be a great success with the general public. The watch was minimalistic and devoid of hands as such, nor crown or case, this timepiece was notable for its innovation in design the entire world around.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture

Ulysse Nardin shielded advances with the “Astrolabium, Planetarium and the Tellurium”, along with taking the “Innovation Prize” four times. The “Nut, Genghis Khan, GMT + Continuous” and the “Sonata” have all been recognised.

Ulysse Nardin have excitement in the craft of producing high-end watches and this keenness, along using their master craftsmen takes them onwards, eternally looking for more information, more initiative, always prompted to generate more beauty, this can be the excitement guiding and directing the luxury brand name onwards into the long run. Our Facebook Page.